Polar Bear and Panda Bundle

This is this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see two vulnerable bear species; polars and pandas, in a two day span.    This bundle is intended for visitors to Calgary; it includes the Polar Bear Safari, Private Panda Tour and two nights accommodation.

Arrive in Calgary on October 25th, check-in at the hotel and at 5:00 PM the bus will be there to take you to the Calgary Zoo for a private viewing of the Panda's, dinner is included. You will discover why giant pandas are so important, why they sleep so much and what specialized care is required to protect this majestic endangered animal.  The next morning, the hotel shuttle will take you to the private departure lounge.  From there you will board a jet and fly to Churchill, Manitoba to witness Polar Bears in their natural environment as they migrate toward the coast in anticipation of freeze-up and to access their favorite diet of ringed seals. 

The flight is non-stop flight from Calgary with a naturalist on-board who will provide valuable insights on this iconic mammal.  Upon landing in Churchill you will board a Tundra Buggy® for a 5 - 6 hours guided excursion of polar bear country to view the polar bears in a comfortable and safe manner.   End the day with a stop in Churchill to stroll main street and visit the gift shops.  A dinner flight back to your point of origin completes a captivating day in Canada.  You will return to the hotel shortly after 8:00 PM for a restful night and check-out by 11:00 AM on October 27th.  

The same events are planned for November 10th to 12th, except the Panda visit with breakfast, is day after the Polar Bear Safari.  Please see the itinerary to complete details.


Event dates:

October 25th to October 27th

Thursday, October 25th arrive in Calgary and check-in at the Courtyard Marriott.  The Private Panda Tour, including an Asian inspired buffet dinner, will depart from the hotel at 5:00 PM, return to by 8:30 PM. 

Friday, October 26th, the Polar Bear Safari will depart from a private departure lounge at 6:15 AM, return by 8:00 PM

Saturday, October 27th check-out of the hotel by 11:00 AM


November 10th to November 12th

Saturday, November 10th, check-in to the Courtyard Marriott

Sunday, November 11th the Polar Bear Safari  will depart from a private departure lounge at 6:00 AM, return by 8:00 PM

Monday November 12th The Private Panda Tour , including a buffet breakfast, will depart from the hotel at 7:15 AM, return to the hotel by 10:00 AM. Check-out of the hotel by 11:00 AM


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